Synx Domain

Domain registration tool with administration of morphic services and ghost entities.

Synx Domain is a name server application tool that helps the domain owner to administrate his morphs (services), ghosts (network resources) and value chains (links).

One of the main benefits when developing HIVE solutions is that each morphs that are created adds value to the network overall intelligence. The morphs also become part of a larger collective and indirectly contributes to vast amounts of operations throughout the network.

One of the main differences from a Cloud network and API based services is that there is no sentral control in the HIVE. The Synx Domain tool merely is a configuration system where the settings are transported into ghosts (memory inside the communication stack) at runtime when a network resource makes a connection. The data structures are also configured at runtime so it would be unnecessary to preprogram an interface against the system.

Morphic services are designed to support any past, present and future network resource and offer their service to lucky devices that make the connection. In a sense using a programmable interface limits the service to be unified with different network resources that support different data structures and one ending up with a massive amount of API register and complex ecosystem.

The HIVE however, focuses more on making the service machine readable and preparing the morphic services to be included in autonomous processes where AI driven robots themselves can develop new services by linking each other’s morphs and join in on a larger collective intelligent network named the Real Time Web. Setting up a domain is the first step towards joining the world of machines and a Hive Mind.